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Find The Crack. A Message to the Doctor? May 7, 2010

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Are the writers of FRINGE sending a message to Moffat over the pond at Doctor Who?

Last night brought us yet another excellent episode of FRINGE. The episode, entitled Northwest Passage, was noticeable in that Peter (Joshua Jackson) flies solo this time in an adventure of his own. Peter is running away from his own self perhaps after realizing he was actually taken from the alternate universe as a boy [S216 “Peter” and S219 “The Man from the Other Side”]. While traveling and getting some alone time, Peter becomes embroiled in a murder case in Noyo County; and he’s seen these murders before at the hands of the people from the Other Parallel Earth. During the investigation, Peter goes from chief suspect to chief investigator, helping the local law enforcement catch a killer. Small-town Sheriff Mathis has a fancy pen with an engraved motto that reads “Find The Crack” a gift from her partner who believed in her. After the investigation wraps up, she passes the pen (and some wisdom) along to Peter with the hope he will find his place in the world as well.

Maybe I’m just a bit too much of a geek, or maybe I’ve just been watching too much sci-fi television lately, but the pointed message FIND THE CRACK seems just a little too coincidental given what has been going on over in the Whoverse. Is there a little wink wink, nod nod going on to Doctor Who? Either way, I’m loving it! FRINGE is much improved over its first season, and the last several episodes since the mid-season break have been excellent examples of science fiction writing and terrific acting from the cast, most especially from John Noble (Walter). Heck, they even got through a period-themed fairy tale story singalong last week. Whatever is happening over there in the Fringe offices (Brown Betty perhaps?) keep up the good work!



1. gerritv - May 8, 2010

I wondered the same thing too! Then I thought, nah – it can not be.

Usually read your recaps on The Wrap (anagram for Warp) but I don’t think this commentary was posted on the site. (Maybe you might start recapping Fringe as well?)

Well thought I’d check out your website while getting ready to watch ‘The Vampires of Venice’ episode of the Doctor. Glad I did. . . interesting observation. Now I don’t feel alone in the world.

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