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Come the Eleventh Hour, and a New Doctor April 15, 2010

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How geeked I am about the return of Doctor Who this week?

The moment we have been waiting for is about to arrive: The Eleventh Doctor premiers this weekend! Saturday, April 17 at 9 pm EST on BBC America!

It’s a whole new show. New Doctor, new Companion, new logo, new TARDIS set (same old time traveling blue police box), new head writer and Showrunner Steven Moffat.

For those of you not familiar with the show, Doctor Who is a television program produced by the BBC, and is the longest running science fiction show in the world (beating out Star Trek and Twilight Zone). Since 1963, the original television show has been spun off into a host of other media, including: novels, comics, related series, and enormous fan following.

The series took a break from the airways in the 1990’s but returned in 2005 under Showrunner and head writer Russell T. Davies and starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, and later David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. The Davies/Tennant team was excellent, but both announced their respective departures in 2009 with a wonderful send off of specials over Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Matt Smith takes over the reins as the Eleventh incarnation (the role of the Doctor is ever-changing as the character has the power to regenerate in the face of death) of time traveling Time Lord in the new series. If you’ve ever wondered what Doctor Who is all about, now’s the time to get sucked into the mighty vortex that is the whole Whoverse!

I am so excited!

Watch the Series 5 Preview Here:



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